Torrey Farms Inc. is a family farm operation located in Elba, New York. The Torrey Family left England in 1626 because of disagreements with the church. They first settled in Connecticut and slowly moved west looking for better soil.

In 1803, John Torrey arrived in Bethany, Genesee County, New York. In the year 1948, Elbert Torrey purchased the Higley Farm in Elba. In 1954, Charles Torrey, Elbert's oldest son moved to Elba to farm. In the mid '70's his two sons, John and Mark joined him in farming and purchased a packing shed and 146 acres of land and began operating on Maltby Road; in the fall of 1978 their sister Maureen came back to work between jobs and ended up staying with the family business.

Charles Torrey had excellent farming skills, a strong work ethic, and was a visionary. Each of his children had different talents that complimented each other. Torrey Farms Inc. was off and running.

They realized soon that they needed to control all aspects, growing, packing, marketing, and transportation. Today they farm over 10,000 acres, operating packing sheds year round.

John and Mark oversee the growing and packing operations. Maureen the sales, financial and human resources. The next generation of Molly, Travis, Shannon, Jordyn, Lucas, Jed and Maxwell have started working between school breaks.